identifying communities

There are many inherent strengths in communities based on their origins and demography. We identify communities segmented as socially and economically backward with an inherent inclination, attributes or interest in athletics.

Few of these communities are based in Uttra Kannada district of Karnataka, where we are building pathways out of poverty for children and youth through athletics.

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insights on our work

all the children under bridges of sports foundation in Uttra Kannada district are part of a highly discplined training program, necassary for their development both in athletics and their career

first time graduates
of their community

higher salary relative to
community average

athletes within 5% of
national records


taking the holistic approach

We visited both Kenya and Jamaica, to have an understanding of their running culture. We delved deeper into interconnections between how athletics has economically benefitted especially for Kalenjin people of Kenya.


athletic meets are conducted throughout the district to identify young children with potential


inhouse accomodation with personalised training programs for all athletes, along with their education


nutritional support and assistance to optimize athlete performance


future proofing their career, either as professional athletes or coaches

olympics and beyond

we are commited to the bigger olympic movment towards a more peaceful, educated and a planet with equal opportunites for All

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performance metric

these metrics acts as tools for assessing player performance and measuring their monthly progress. The values shown below are a result of various benchmark tests performed by our sports science team.




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